non-Profit organization “COLORFUL COUNTRY”

non-Profit organization “COLORFUL COUNTRY”

non-Profit organization “COLORFUL COUNTRY”
October 14-16, 2021, Kharkiv


1. The founder of the festival – non-Profit organization “COLORFUL COUNTRY” Kharkiv, Ukraine.
2. The main governing body of the festival-competition – ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, headed by the Chairman IGOR BARTOSH.
3. Tasks of the festival-competition – popularization of the best examples of folk and folk stage, classic and modern, stage choreography.
4. To participate in the festival choreographic collectives and performers of Ukraine and other countries are invited.
5. The III International Festival-Competition of the Choreographic Art “SLOBOZHANSKO KOLO 2021” will be held in Kharkiv (airport of arrival Kharkiv) October 14-16, 2021
Scene size 12 * 10 meters.
6. The program of the festival includes:
• rehearsal of the collectives (acquaintance with the stage), rehearsal of the opening ceremony and the gala concert;
• Draw a turn of the performance, and assign the number of the team or performer for the competition program;
• solemn opening;
• the competitive part;
• master classes from jury members;
• meetings of the festival participants in the form of “round tables” with jury members;
• gala concert with participation of the best collectives of the festival, determined by the jury of the contest and the guests of the festival, where the winners will be announced, prizes and awards will be presented;
• Day off and excursions.
Detailed information about the festival events will be provided 7 days before the Festival.
7. Competitive nominations, quantitative composition and age categories:
• Folk dance (folklore and stylization)
• Classical dance
• Modern dance
• Variety dance
• Dance show
Ballroom dance (ensembles)

• 16 years old;
• Mixed
Age groups of performers are declared depending on the average age of the participants (inconsistency in the age group can be no more than 30%);
• Solo;
• Duet;
• Small form of 3-7 participants;
Large form of 8 participants
8. Competition requirements:
1) Collectives, ensembles up to 30 (+/- 5) participants submit at the jury discretion 2 performances in one nomination and an age category with a total duration up to 10 minutes.
• For collectives and individual performers of the CLASSICAL DANCE nomination – one of the presented performances should be from the classical repertoire, and the other at its discretion;
• For groups and individual performers of the FOLK DANCE nomination (not including ensembles of national minorities), one of the performances must be Ukrainian (for participants from other countries one of the presented performances should be national folk dance, and the other at its discretion.
From a solo artist or duo you can claim a maximum of 2 numbers in different categories or age categories.
2) Evaluation Criteria:
– technique and skill of performance;
– originality of performance, composition;
– Selection and matching of musical accompaniment;
– Selection and originality of costumes.
9. To register for participation in the festival, the collective (participant) provides: a completed application form of the established sample (with exact indication of the nomination and the competition program) and the list of participants;
• for participants from other cities, if necessary, an application is submitted for accommodation and meals of the group (rooming);
• short history of the collective (in free form for the host and director group);
• A high-quality scenic photo in JPG format.
• An application form must be sent by e-mail to the organizing committee of the festival no later than August 20, 2018.

10. The performance of the collective can be carried out under live musical accompaniment (ensemble of musicians) or a phonogram. Be sure to have a duplicate entry on the USB flash drive. With phonogram carriers there are USB flash drives (mp3-format) with high sound quality, it is recommended to have several types of media to be universally ready. Each phonogram must be signed with the indication of the name of the ensemble (surname of the soloist), the name of the composition and the duration of its sound.

11. Participants’ perfomances are reviewed by professional experts. The panel of the jury is approved by the Organizing Committee. The jury’s decision is not discussed and is not subject to review.

12. The awarding of prize-winning places shall be based on the minutes of the jury members at the jury meeting by open ballot for each nomination separately. The score is based on the recommended criteria with a maximum score of 10 (ten) points from each jury member.
The jury has the right not to award prize-winning places, to duplicate prize-winning places, to allocate additional incentive prizes. In each nomination, the winners receive the diplomas of the laureate I, II, III degree and are awarded with cups or gifts. Participants who took – 4, 5, 6 places receive diplomas and memorable gifts. The highest award of the festival-competition is GRAN-PRI. By decision of the jury, it is awarded to the best collectives for the brightest and professional performance regardless of the selected nominations and age categories.
Organizers and partners of the festival can set special prizes.
13. The results of the competition are announced at the final Gala-concert.

14. Festival-competition is not a commercial event.
For the organization and carrying out of the festival, the Organizing Committee forms the festival fund, at the expense of contributions from participants to the organization of the festival, charitable and sponsorship funds.

15. Participation in the festival is confirmed only after a prepayment of 50% of the participation fee until September 12, 2021(inclusive).


The cost per person is 115 Euro
The price includes:
3-day stay in a hotel in 2-3-bedrooms with amenities;
3 meals a day, starting from lunch on 10/14/2021 and ending with breakfast on 10/16/2021;
domestic transport by the program of the festival;
Competitive bid.
16. The founder of the Festival, guided by the current legislation of Ukraine on the protection of copyright and intellectual property, declares all the printed materials, audio, video, and cinema materials produced within the framework of the Festival, as the founder’s property. The founder has the exclusive right to use and distribute audio, video, print and other informational products made during all festival programs and events. All advertising and informational activities are prohibited at the festival without the permission of the Organizing Committee. The symbol, name, and provisions of the Festival are the property of the project’s founder and may be used by other parties for commercial and advertising purposes only with the permission of the project’s founder. Copyright of festival participants, partners and other right holders participating in festival events is provided in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
Chairman of the Board of the Non-Profit Organization “Colorful COUNTRY”

Bartosh Igor
t. +380677108244

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